Newage Testing Instruments introduced the latest addition to its HMV-G family of microhardness testing systems: The semi-automatic HMV-G21. The HMV-G21testing system is so easy to use that the testing will seem like a breeze even to new and inexperienced users.

The HMV-G Series is designed for measuring the hardness of small parts and metallic structures used in precision equipment, processed surface layers, and metal plating layers, making it an ideal choice for metallographic research and product quality control. 

With the latest addition to the HMV-G family of microhardness testers, the series now consists of two models – the mechanical HMV-G20 and the semi-automatic HMV-G21. Along with a large variety of available optional features, the series offers users a microhardness testing system that is best suited to their exact needs. 

The HMV-G21 is easy to operate and features automatic length measurement to ensure that everyone, skilled or non-skilled, can use the system without the risk of human errors that could have an impact on the test results. A simple test mode can be selected to start testing immediately just by setting the test force and duration time.

Testing with the HMV-G21 is fast. A single sample can be read in 0.3 seconds. The system features nine force types, test force duration times from 0 to 999 seconds, and an accuracy down to +/-1%. Standard Vickers or Knoop indenters are included. This intelligent micro-hardness system delivers accurate test results even on samples with a mirror finish or on samples scratched by etching. 

The HMV-G21 Series microhardness testers are named after their innovative G shape. The stable G frame that is devoid of angles disperses test loads uniformly and the inner direction offers a large workspace enabling easy testing of small samples as well as large samples. Due to the open G frame, long and narrow samples are no longer difficult to test. 

The HMV-G21 also features a smart, compact CCD camera that is built into the micro-hardness tester that allows for simple and easy installment without the need for special wiring arrangements. The CCD camera permits easy high-precision measurement with on-screen viewing, measuring and analysis through C.A.M.S. software installed on the user’s PC. 

To reduce operator errors the high-precision C.A.M.S. software provides for automatic and semi-automatic measurement of conventional microhardness impressions in accordance with ASTM E384 and E92 without actual operator involvement. On-screen features include enlargement of images for easy viewing and measurement as well as real-time statistical process control. XBar, R chart, chronological test result history with date and time “stamp”, histogram, average, standard deviation and Cpk are only some of the benefits offered by the C.A.M.S software. The software also can be used for fast and easy manual grain size measurement in order to size grains according to ASTM E112 and E1382. 

For flexibility, Newage offers a wide range of optional accessories that allow users to tailor the HMV-G21 into a microhardness testing system that meets their exact needs. Low forces can be tested from 1 gf to 2 kgf; the indentation test force can be configured seamlessly; and fracture toughness measurements of brittle materials can be performed easily. By selecting a system with a multi-turret function, two indenters and four objective lenses can be attached for a flexible and fast test setup. 

With the routine inspection graph generating function data can be assessed in chronological order. The stability of the HMV-G21 microhardness testing system also can be evaluated to obtain ISO 17025 and ISO 16949 certification.

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