magnetic positioning sensor sick usaSICK announced the launch of the MPA magnetic positioning sensor with analog output. These new magnetic sensors feature an analog current from 4 to 20 mA and an analog voltage between 0 and 10V, which ensure exceptional positioning performance.
With measuring lengths from 107 to 1,007 mm, the MPA provides high-resolution, non-contact position measurement for demanding automation tasks. The MPA is an economical alternative to potentiometers and other displacement sensors. It is ideal for detecting piston movements in pneumatic cylinders and for positioning pneumatic drives used for feeding, gripping and measuring.
The MPA is enclosed in a rugged IP 67-rated aluminum housing that can be mounted on various cylinders, including T-slot, round and tie rod. The MPA includes a teach pad, a 4-color LED display and several mounting accessories that ensure easy installation and commissioning. With few blind zones and a long service life, the MPA can be used in a wide variety of applications.