linear digital measuring device specialty motions incSpecialty Motions, Inc. (SMI) has developed a simple but elegant method for measuring long-length materials such as linear shafting, carbon fiber tubing, wire cables or long sheets of wood, metal, cording or plastic in a variety of diameters and shapes. In its standard form, the Linear Digital Measuring Device (LDMD) is designed to measure materials, in any increment, up to lengths of 465” and is consistently accurate to within .003” at 12’. Utilizing the easy to read Digital Readout the LDMD is extremely easy to use and versatile. 
A durable and rugged precision measuring tool, the LDMD operates on a highly efficient linear recirculating ball bushing bearing arrangement, where straight-line travel as well as pitch, roll and yaw are kept to a minimum to ensure accuracy within .003”. This digital measuring tool operates in much the same way as a machinist digital caliper. The LDMD can be zeroed by sliding the carriage to the “home” position and touching a button on the digital readout (DRO). The unit is now set at zero. To measure, slide the carriage away from “home” to allow the work piece into position, then return the carriage, allowing the unique articulating tooling arm feature to make contact with the end of the work piece. The DRO gives you a length dimension in large, easy-to-read numbers to the fourth decimal place, much like a very large caliper that has machine-tool accuracy.  
Specialty Motions, Inc.