Titan Tool Supply, Inc. announced the introduction of a mobile and compact 2D Optimal Measuring Device that provides accurate and precise measurements of workpieces in a matter of seconds. Manufactured in Germany by Schneider Messtechnik, the V-CAD Rapid combines high-precision optical measurement technology with unprecedented ease of use and flexibility.

According to the manufacturer, the key benefit of V-CAD Rapid is its automatic recognition of geometric primitives (basic shapes) without any pre-selection and no need for manual alignment of workpieces being measured.

Standard features of the V-CAD Rapid include: 5-megapixel CCD B/W camera; Telecentric 4-step motorized zoom lens; 4 different fields of view for spot-on measurement; Telecentric LED transmitted light illumination; LED ring light illumination for incident light measurement; multi-touch panel PC equipped with WIN7; and factory calibration certificate.

The V-CAD Rapid is supplied with M3 Measurement software with image processing features designed for use on touch-screen PCs. An optional measurement and analysis software system, the SAPHIR QD, enables measurement not only of individual parts but of several identical or different parts in one operation.

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