Quality Vision International (QVI®) introduced its new c-vision™ Video Contour Projector® product line. c-vision combines the accuracy and automation of a large field of view video measuring system with the rugged, high load capacity and familiarity of a horizontal comparator to create a unique shop-floor measuring system.product3_IN

c-vision provides shop-hardened, high reliability measurement performance. c-vision’s unique optical system includes two internal optical magnifications, and ten digital zoom settings, allowing a full 16:1 zoom range. At the lowest magnification, c-vision provides a full 3-inch field of view—equivalent to a 30-inch optical comparator. c-vision’s optics are fully telecentric to ensure accurate measurements throughout the entire depth of field. The optics are perfectly paired with a QVI digital megapixel camera that captures and measures the entire field of view in one snapshot, enabling simultaneous measurement of dozens of features.

c-vision is available in two models—a small footprint benchtop model, or a high capacity floor model that can handle parts weighing up to 300 pounds.

Quality Vision International, Inc.