Touch technology is revolutionizing human interaction to complex devices providing faster, simpler, more intuitive user solutions. Touch technology is now available for coordinate measuring machines with the next generation of metrology software…. TouchDMIS™.product6_IN

CMM software’s have long been criticized for being too complex requiring long training periods and extended learning curves. TouchDMIS is a full-feature CMM software with intuitive touch interface, offering improved user experience and benchmark CMM productivity. Developed for both manual and CNC CMM’s, including portable arm CMMs, TouchDMIS is loaded with time-saving features. Traditional CMM software’s provide access to functionality through complex systems of toolbars, dropdown menus and tedious window selections. TouchDMIS offers a user interface using smart technology, whereby next suggested functionality is dynamically presented for user confirmation, minimizing learning time to just a few hours with immediate productivity benefits.     

TouchDMIS has reduced traditional CMM software to just eight Function Buttons which, when selected, open the appropriate Function Window; the button is integral in the open window providing one touch re-docking. The 64 bit software maintains all windows live even when docked; the multi-threaded software uses Microsoft® WPF and Direct X® technologies.

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