I’ve never been a fan of awards shows. Whether the Emmys, Oscars, or Grammys, I’ve never found myself tuning in. Maybe it’s because I’m a guy. I say that because I found that the audience for these televised awards shows is predominantly women. I’ve even heard the Oscars referred to as the Super Bowl for women.

So, you say to yourself, there are other awards shows, perhaps more suited to the male psyche, like the Heisman Trophy or Major League Baseball’s MVPs. Granted, these awards shows are televised, but not with the same fanfare as the “Hollywood” awards shows I mentioned earlier. I think the closest I have come in the past is watching the NFL Draft (a sort of awards show, if you will).

You could say, however, it’s because I’m a guy that I watched this year’s Golden Globes. I absolutely love Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Smart, attractive, and funny. Who would find that appealing? (I’m hoping you picked up on my sarcasm.)

Regardless of my motivation for sitting down in front of my television, what I found from tuning in is not only confirmation of my feelings about Fey and Poehler, but also an unearthing of a falsehood regarding these awards shows, that they are fake and self-serving. What I witnessed was genuine emotion—a quiver in the voice, a shaking from excitement, and, yes, overwhelming tears—from winners, their families, and their colleagues, alike.

As Qualityenters its “awards season,” it is my hope that we elicit the same level of excitement from our winners, their families and the quality community, in recognition of their efforts in furthering the quality industry.

It began last month with our announcement of the Quality Leadership 100and continues next month with our Quality Professional of the Year. This month, Qualityrecognizes TRW Automotive as our 2014 Quality Plant of the Year.

TRW supplies safety systems for braking, steering, suspension, and occupant safety—such as airbags and seat belts—to more than 40 major vehicle manufacturers and achieved sales of $16.4 billion in 2012.

As Managing Editor Michelle Bangert writes in her article, “Even if cars of the future drive themselves, it takes a lot of people to make those cars safe. The people at TRW Automotive work hard to make cars as safe as possible, no matter what type of car it is, or who is driving it.” Check out Michelle’s article on TRW in the pages of this month’s Quality.

 Enjoy and thanks for reading!