MILWAUKEE, WI — Sangahn Kim, a Rutgers University industrial and systems engineering graduate student, was awarded the ASQ Richard A. Freund Scholarship.

Kim, of South Korea, was awarded the $5,000 scholarship, which is named after a past ASQ president and supports a quality professional’s graduate studies.

Celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2016, ASQ is the leading authority on quality in all fields, organizations and industries.

As part of his doctoral program, Kim has conducted research that includes theoretical and practical applications in quality engineering.

Kim returned to school to pursue his doctorate after working in industry.

“Even though I enjoyed the business challenge, I felt something was missing and realized that I had more to learn and more to offer in terms of academic endeavors,” Kim said. “I felt driven for more specific and professional studies.

“I am still looking to develop new methodologies in a rigorous and theoretical way, incorporating the practical usage for quality engineers.”

Chuck Aubrey, Freund Scholarship committee chair and ASQ past chair, said Kim’s commitment to academic research and his pursuit of practical methodologies for quality engineers make him deserving of the scholarship.

“Kim’s passion to the quality community and his unwavering dedication to research will undoubtedly help quality engineers make our world a better place,” Aubrey said. “Since the inception of the Freund Scholarship, the caliber of the candidates has continued to rise, giving testament that the award is achieving its planned and desired results.”

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