KnowWare International has added two more templates to its QI Macros for Excel software. QI Macros works with Excel to draw Lean Six Sigma charts and graphs. One new template is the Defect Tracking Matrix that allows the user to track and analyze defects by date and/or time.

The second template, the TRIZ template allows the user to use TRIZ principles to identify specific problems, abstract the problem into a general problem, and find a solution to the general problem, then customize the solution to fit the specific problem.

In addition to these two new templates, QI Macros has added upgrades to “remember and apply” chart formats (enhancement made in November, 2013), an enhancement to its Sample Size Calculator (enhancement made in October, 2013), and added a Fixed Limit Chart to the Control Charts.

Jay Arthur is the author of Lean Six Sigma Demystified, Lean Six Sigma for Hospitals, the Lean Six Sigma System, and the QI Macros SPC Software for Excel.

The QI Macros SPC Software contains 40+ charts and over 90+ fill-in-the-blank templates that simplify Lean Six Sigma complexities. QI Macros SPC Software for Excel work with Excel versions 2000-2013.

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