FORT COLLINS, Colo.—Additive manufacturing (AM) systems for metal parts are increasing in popularity, according to Wohlers Report 2014. The 19th annual edition, published recently, includes an in-depth review and analysis of additive manufacturing and 3D printing, terms that are used interchangeably. The worldwide study includes industry growth, competitive products and services and a futuristic view on an industry that is creating unprecedented interest and excitement.

Wohlers Associates has been tracking the market for machines that produce metal parts for 14 years, but Wohlers Report 2014 marks only the second time for the company to publish detailed information on metal based AM machine unit sales by year. The above chart shows that 348 of these machines were sold in 2013, compared to 198 in 2012, marking a growth of a 75.8 percent.

“Companies such as Airbus, General Electric, and Lima Corporate are using these machines to produce complex metal parts for next-generation aerospace and medical products,” said Terry Wohlers, founder and president of Wohlers Associates and a principal author of the new report. 

Wohlers Report 2014 is a comprehensive study that covers all aspects of 3D printing, including its history, applications, processes, materials, and manufacturers. It covers developments in R&D, investment, collaborative activities in government, academia and industry, and summarizes the state of the industry from a global perspective.

The 276-page annual study is packed with up-to-date and practical information. It includes 35 charts and graphs, 60 tables, and 248 images and illustrations. The report, which sells for $495, was created with support from 82 service providers, 29 system manufacturers and the valuable contributions of 70 co-authors in 24 countries.

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