Sonobond’s ultrasonic technology provides an ultrasonic system capable of welding the tin-coated wires and terminals essential to electrical applications for high-temperature, high-humidity and other environmentally challenging conditions. 

With Sonobond’s Wedge-Reed System, the vibratory amplitude is about one-third and the vibratory force is about three times that of a lateral drive system operating at the same power level, resulting in an impedance value about nine times that of the lateral drive system.  Since the density of the material being welded determines the load impedance, the Wedge-Reed System provides a much better impedance match to a metal weldment than a lateral drive system because most metals are six to nine times more dense than plastics.

Sonobond offers a variety of ultrasonic welders that handle a range of wire bundle sizes starting at one sq. mm.  Its SpliceRiteTM units provide one-pulse wire splicing of up to 100 mm2 in stranded bare copper wire and tinned wire to 60mm2.  Its SonoWeld® and Dual Head Spot Welders can be custom-tooled to suit special configurations such as wire to terminal applications.  Sonobond’s equipment also welds tinned wire to other bare and coated wires or terminals, completing most assemblies in less than one second with minimal operator training.


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