STADTRODA, GERMANY — Camera manufacturer Allied Vision has unveiled its new name, logo and strategic focus.

The company is now known as Allied Vision, a briefer name than the former moniker, Allied Vision Technologies.

“With the focus on Allied Vision, we’re sending a signal," President and CEO Frank Grube said. "Sure, we’re a technology company, but technology is only a means to an end. What matters to us is that we help our customers to realize their vision. This partnership-based approach is wonderfully illustrated by our name Allied Vision.”

The new logo visually expresses this partnership as well. The interwoven letters A and V symbolize the symbiotic cooperation between Allied Vision and its customers.

“We engaged with this topic very intensively, did market research, and surveyed our customers … to answer this question: what makes us unique, and what can we build our future success on?" Grube said. "The answer was clear and unambiguous: Allied Vision has risen in 25 years to a global market leader because we don’t just provide outstanding products and technologies, but more so because we foster very close, trustworthy cooperation with our customers.”

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