BRIGHTON, MI Nikon Metrology and McCrone Microscopes & Accessories have announced an agreement offering Nikon Metrology’s products coupled with McCrone’s microanalysis.

“Nikon Metrology’s commitment to bring leading-edge microscopy technology to the Midwest is greatly enhanced by our new partnership with McCrone," said Koji Kiribuchi, vice president of sales for Nikon Metrology. "This new partnership will benefit industry in this important region by integrating Nikon Metrology’s complete line of advanced technological instruments with McCrone’s tradition of microscopy sales excellence, service and support.”

McCrone will support the Midwest region including Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and parts of Iowa and Wisconsin.

“We’re excited to expand our relationship with Nikon Metrology and offer these powerful instruments to our industrial clients,” said Jeff McGinn, president and director of Instrument Sales at McCrone Microscopes & Accessories. “This partnership will also allow our Hooke College of Applied Sciences students to enhance their hands-on learning experiences with precision analytical instrumentation.”

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