REDMOND, WA Radiant Zemax, a provider of integrated systems for light and color measurement, announces that it is now Radiant Vision Systems.

The rebranding follows the company's recent sale of its Zemax optical design software business unit to Arlington Capital Partners.

“We feel that the Radiant Vision Systems name better represents the organization we have become, and continue to grow into," said Radiant CEO Paul Caragher.

The Radiant brand has a 20-plus year history that started in the early 1990s when Radiant Imaging was founded.

“Maintaining the Radiant identity within our established customer base is critical," Caragher said. “Radiant is known for its high-precision imaging products among the world’s leading makers of display devices, illuminated keyboards, LEDs and lighting products."

“Vision Systems” references the company’s solutions portfolio, built around integrated CCD-based systems that are specially calibrated to replicate human visual response to brightness and color. This differentiates the technology from machine vision, yet it is an equally robust solution for industrial environments, combining the benefits of an automated system with the accuracy and relevance of the human eye.

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