The Sensorex S8000 Series modular pH/ORP sensor platform delivers accurate pH and ORP measurement in plant water/wastewater treatment, chemical, food production, and other process environments. The S8000 Series pairs with Sensorex TX2000 Intelligent pH/ORP transmitters to form a complete monitoring system.

In industrial settings, measurement and monitoring of pH and ORP gives process operators critical product quality information. For example, monitoring the pH of water quality used in food packing, or ORP relative to disinfection of process water, helps control contamination of the process and reduce packaging waste. Additionally, pH monitoring of discharged wastewater is a critical step and required by local regulatory authorities.

The S8000 series modular platform is a custom configured system that can grow and change with process needs, saving users time and money. Users first choose the pH or ORP (Redox) electrode suited to their process. Mounting interface choices enable retrofit, submersion and inline installations. Optional electronic modules include unity gain pre-amplifiers for longer installation distances and blind 4 – 20mA outputs for direct interface to plant control systems. If monitoring needs change, users simply update the applicable module without the need to replace the entire system.

When paired with Sensorex’s TX2000 Intelligent pH/ORP Series Transmitters, data gathered from S8000 Series sensors can easily be integrated with plant control systems for convenient monitoring. These transmitters are easy to navigate with a large backlit graphical display. The compact NEMA 4X/IP65 units can be wall mounted, installed in a panel, or pipe/handrail mounted. CE certified, the TX2000 includes Multi-Cal calibration with automatic buffer recognition, alarm, control and wash relays, and a universal 100-240VAC power supply.

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