Johnson Gage announced the introduction of ThreadSpecs 3, a new Thread Engineering Program created by Express Software Production in collaboration with Johnson Gage. It supersedes JG Threadspecs 2.0.

The software is designed to simplify the determination of critical standard and special thread elements, characteristics, dimensions and tolerances. Supported thread forms include UN, UNJ, Metric, Metric J, Buttress (American, British, MJB), and Acme (General Purpose, Centralizing, Stub). Among the new features are support for ring and plug gages, and a network installation option.

Features include:

  • Immediate dimensional calculations for supported thread profiles, any diameter and pitch combinations, standard, or special
  • Calculates maximum and minimum diameters, tolerances and allowances for major, minor, and pitch diameters where specified by the standards, and root radius for UNJ, MJ and buttresses threads
  • Calculates effects of plating and coating
  • Data display in inch or metric
  • Instant data recalculation upon input change
  • Applies the latest applicable standards from ASME, ANSI, and others
  • Simple and comprehensive printouts
  • Calculates measurement over wire dimensions for best-size wire or alternate wire diameter
  • Provides wire constant for best or alternate wire, with optional inclusion of effect of helix angle
  • Provides dimensions for GO and NOT GO working and setting rings and plug
  • A networkable version can be purchased

 Johnson Gage