According to the company, Ametek Specialty Metal Products (SMP) is set to fill the supply void created by Mitsubishi Electric Metecs Co., Ltd., which ceased production of copper alloys, including MX215 and MX96, in March 2015, with a line of high-performance Pfinodal copper alloys.

The unique combination of strength, formability, non-sparking and anti-galling characteristics of Ametek’s Pfinodal alloys makes them suitable alternatives for Mitsubishi’s copper alloys. The beryllium-free material is available with enhanced mechanical properties that offer improved strength and ductility. 

Pfinodal C72900 alloys consist of copper, nickel (15%) and tin (8%) and are made utilizing a proprietary powder metallurgy technology.  Ametek’s process produces a homogeneous single-phase structure that achieves excellent uniformity, formability and strength and ensures optimum reproducible properties.

Ametek’s Pfinodal alloys have low magnetic permeability, excellent lubricity, machinability, and anti-galling characteristics. They are available in a variety of forms, including strip, wire, plate, and bar up to 6” diameter, and as custom-engineered shapes and finished parts.


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