SALINE, MI Liebherr Gear Technology announced its 2015 Gear Seminar, June 23-24, co-hosted by Ingersoll Cutting Tools at the ITC Technical Center, Rockford, Ill.

Technical presentations of the latest developments in gear cutting and inspection technology will be made by experts from Liebherr Gear Technology, Liebherr Automation Systems, Ingersoll Cutting Tools, Saacke Group and the Wenzel Group.

The Gear Seminar is a well-regarded bi-annual event conducted for nearly 20 years By Liebherr Gear Technology, a leading global developer of advanced gear production machines, tools, and processes. Parent company Liebherr Verzahntechik GmbH is headquartered in Kempten, Germany.

In addition, qualified guests will tour the Ingersoll shop floor and witness a hobbing demonstration on Liebherr’s LC 500.

For more information or to register, contact Liebherr at [email protected]