Mahr Federal has introduced the Millimar C1200, a new low-cost easy-to-view and easy-to-use Digital IC Amplifier. Incorporated in the C1200 is a new high resolution, high color contrast display that provides clear and very responsive analog readings with selectable scales. Users can view the analog scale, numeric digital readings, or both. Display range is ±5000 µm and reading resolution 0.1 µm. The display may be adjusted to the ideal viewing angle (0º to 90º) and the C1200 unit can also be wall-mounted.

The C1200 is powered by five standard “AA” cell rechargeable batteries, or by external power supply. When battery operated, the compact lightweight unit (<1.4 lbs) is fully portable for use anywhere. Single probe input using “Mahr” probe specification accommodates standard or long-range inductive probes. Data output is available using MarConnect cables for Digimatic, Opto-RS 232, or USB interface. Output type is auto-sensed by the cable connected to it. External wireless may also be used.

Operating features are set up using an integrated 5-button keypad. Features such as unit selection (in/mm/µm), normal/reverse polarity, measuring range, preset, factor, and tolerance entry are easily set up by visual menu options. When tolerances are used the display shows pass/fail status using green/red color on the backlit display. The Millimar C1200 model replaces the 1200IC amplifier.


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