Several new features have been added to Mahr Federal’s popular Millimar C1200 Digital IC amplifier, increasing its application range and user security. The new functions include dynamic measurement capability, enhanced display tolerance viewing, and password protection for the setup menu. The Millimar C1200 Digital IC amplifier is a low cost, easy to view and use readout. It is designed to replace analog meters, as it offers analog-like display performance with very fast response technology. The high-resolution display provides clear digital and analog readings with selectable resolutions/scales.

The dynamic measurement capability added to the C1200 allows users to capture max, min, or max-min (TIR) values. During measurement, the digital value is held while the analog position is marked by blue lines on the scale.

The second new feature allows asymmetric tolerance markers to be displayed on the scale. The display can be set to center on the tolerances rather than the nominal size.

Finally, security is enhanced with password protection for the setup menu, which can now be locked and accessed using a 4-digit PIN number. When enabled, a prompt appears when accessing the setup menu. Arrow keys are used to enter the password.

Operating features for the Millimar C1200 Digital amplifier are set up using the 5-button keypad and visual menu options. In addition to the new features, the C1200 comes with these standard features: Unit selection (in/mm/µm); Normal/Reverse polarity; Measuring range; Preset; Factor; Tolerance entry. When tolerances are used the display shows pass/fail status using green/red color on the backlit display. Data output is available using MarConnect cables for Digimatic, Opto-RS 232, or USB interface. Output type is auto-sensed by the cable connected to it. External wireless may also be used.

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