The MarSolutions team at Mahr Federal has developed a customized RPM gage for the dynamic measurement of cylindrical parts such as commutator shafts, turbocharger turbine shafts, and other precision shafts in electric motors. The gage incorporates precision Vees and adjustable end-stops to support the shaft and define its axial position, and a motion belt to rotate the shaft at up to 20 RPM.

The MarSolutions group was recently established to augment custom gage development directly with customers in response to increased demand for custom gaging solutions for dimensional metrology. Operating worldwide from a number of facilities, the MarSolutions Engineered Metrology Team will help customers analyze the gaging requirements of their application, then design and build a customized gaging solution to meet those requirements.

The MarSolutions Commutator Gage can be used in the lab or on the shop floor to measure multiple dimensional parameters, including diameter, roundness, runout, segment gap, and segment height to height and profile. The gage can be dedicated for a specific shaft size or made adjustable by the user to measure shaft lengths from 130 to 300 mm, shaft diameters from 4 to 20 mm, and winding diameters from 25 to 80 mm. A DC motor drives the motion belt from 2 to 20 RPM while the gaging computer collects data for analysis.

The user customizable software allows results to be displayed as bar graphs, polar graphs, or XY graphs with measuring values or mean values. The D1200X software interface optimizes gage use and allows quick, easy creation of customized forms and programs, and provides integrated functions for measuring system analysis, repeatability and reproducibility. SPC functions allow analysis of X/S and X/R, Pareto and histograms, and data can be exported in QDAS, QUASAR, ASCII and EXCEL formats.

As a customized design, the MarSolutions RPM measuring gage can easily be adapted for other part dimensions and/or shaft designs.

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