Long a shop floor standard for precision ID and OD measurements, Mahr Federal’s Multimar 36 B Indicator Gage has been enhanced to accept a wider range of contacts and anvils, enabling measurement of pitch, gear diameters, threads, taper diameters and recesses, and more. It can also accept a Mahr Integrated Wireless Indicator for wireless data transmission. Handy and economical, the Multimar 36 B is available in both T-Plate and V-Plate styles and in two sizes. The 36 B ID/OD Indicator Gage can measure inside diameters from 0.75” to 9” and outside diameters from 0.25” to 9.5”, and can accept any indicator with an 8 mm mounting shank.

The T-Plate configuration on the 36 B gives a diameter reading directly across the diameter (a third contact may be used as a side-stop or centralizer), while the V-Plate configuration is self-centralizing. Frequently used to inspect parts with odd number lobing conditions, the three “V” jaws measure the distance between the sensitive contact and the chord formed by the two reference contacts. This measurement bears a direct relationship to the diameter, with compensation made by a special ratio indicator so diameter is read directly.

The 36 B ID/OD Indicator Gage features adjustable contact retraction, which allows for the measurement of grooves and races. Frictionless reed-spring motion transfer facilitates repeatability, and gaging pressure is adjustable from 0-35 N/0-8 lb.

The gage can be positioned at any angle from horizontal to vertical, and simply reversing the top-plates changes the measurement from ID to OD. The 36 B ID/OD Indicator Gage is supplied with JW-9 jaws, but special spherical contacts are available in steel and tungsten carbide. Doughnut shaped contacts as well as TC Ball and Pie Plate contacts are also available.

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