MUNICH — SICK AG and MVTec Software GmbH have worked together in the field of industrial image processing since 2010. The two companies are now stepping up their cooperation in order to increase the range of application areas. In addition to its own algorithms, SICK will also be using the HALCON image processing library for vision sensors, 3D cameras, and vision systems in the future. Both companies are market leaders in their respective fields and hope to use their combined knowledge to share in the strong growth in the image processing market.

Up to now, cooperation between the two companies has been limited to 3D cameras but it will now be expanded to include various sensors in the vision sector.

“HALCON is a high-performance software for image processing,” says Detlef Deuil, product manager for 2D vision and image-based code readers. “For system integrators, it is very easy to use the high-quality image data and implement comprehensive vision solutions. Our customers in the various different industry sectors benefit from the ease with which HALCON can be integrated into the SICK vision products.”

SICK offers a large portfolio of vision products ranging from compact, easy-to-integrate sensors, configurable stand-alone solutions, right through to flexibly programmable high-speed cameras to meet the toughest of requirements. To minimize complexity, cost, and risks during the implementation of programmable vision solutions, you can access sophisticated SICK-developed functions and the extensive HALCON image processing library from MVTec in the future as well. As a result, established modules give rise to perfectly tailored, new solutions that are suitable for every customer requirement.

“We are delighted that SICK has decided to use the high-performance functionality of HALCON for a wider product portfolio,” adds Johannes Hiltner, HALCON product manager at MVTec. “The reliable HALCON algorithms, which are used all over the world, will enable SICK to expand into new markets and industries. This will allow both companies to grow together and to pass on the beneficial effects of this synergy onto their customers.”

The collaboration between SICK and MVTec represents a union of two strong brands. The perfect coordination between the two companies extends beyond just their products: SICK has an international reach as a leading manufacturer in the sensor sector, and has extensive expertise in the field of hardware. MVTec – an international technology leader for independent image processing software – is its ideal partner. This cooperation benefits customers in a range of industries, making it easier for them to access high-performance vision solutions.

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