Sensoray announced that its Model 2253P A/V Codec with GPS Receiver and Incremental Encoder Interfaces brings improved performance in the compact design necessary for pipeline inspection, mining, robotics and more. In addition, all operating power is supplied by a single USB port, giving the device the necessary flexibility for these applications. The device can simultaneously encode, decode and preview A/V content and is housed in a rugged, compact exterior. With the Sensoray Model 2253P device, multiple, independent video processors allow for two different video streams to be produced simultaneously from a single composite input. One of the streams can remain uncompressed so as to be useful for real time previewing, or both streams may be compressed. In addition, image transformations such as resolution, rotation and mirroring are independently configurable for each stream, as are compression type and bit rate. Each of the two multifunction ports included in the device can operate as an incremental quadrature encoder interface or as dual general purpose digital inputs (GPIO). Encoder counts, GPS data, and GPIO states can be monitored over the device’s USB connection, and real-time encoder counts and GPS data can be overlaid onto any video stream. Additionally, the Model 2253 is available as the Model 2253S, which features a sturdy metal enclosure with video, audio, USB and GPIO connectors, but does not include the GPS receiver or incremental encoder.

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