SYRINGE TESTING JIG Lloyd Instruments’ range of materials testers and materials testing accessories for the medical device industry now includes a specially developed THS306-V2 syringe testing jig that is designed for evaluating both the force required to pull off the end caps from syringes as well as the force required to expel fluid through the syringe (the break-away force and the glide force). The versatile syringe testing jig not only enables two different tests to be performed, it also can accommodate both 125 ml and 30 ml syringes. The syringe testing jig is compatible with all Lloyd Instruments’ materials testing machines, including the 5kN LS1 single-column materials tester and a wide range of additional single- and dual-column materials testers. The jig consists of a rectangular frame mounted on the baseplate of the materials testing machine. The top plate of the jig has a centrally located hole and a pair of locking levers. Both 125 ml and 30 ml syringes can be attached vertically to the top plate using adapter plates, either pointing up, or down through the hole. A pair of rails is positioned halfway between the top and bottom plate. For end cap removal tests, each syringe is clamped vertically with the end cap pointing upwards. The end cap is held in the upper grip of a TG74 adjustable rear face grip, and the tensile force required to remove the plastic cap is measured. The force required to expel fluid from the syringe is measured by clamping the syringe so that it passes down through the hole. A removable bowl is used to receive the fluid expelled from the syringe. For larger syringes, the bowl is positioned on the bottom plate of the jig, while, for smaller syringes, it is positioned on the rails. The compression piston is brought down to the engage the top of the syringe plunger. The end cap is removed, and the force required to push out the fluid is measured. Lloyd Instruments is a brand of AMETEK Test & Calibration Instruments, which offers a comprehensive range of materials testing equipment for testing medical devices, pharmaceuticals, packaging, food, plastic and rubber.

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