When the materials testing application calls for up to 3,000 kN of hydraulic force applied by advanced digital control, Tinius Olsen offers its all-new SL series, replacing the company’s Super L series. The SL Series features a patented dual-pressure hydraulic loading system and a rugged four-column construction for exceptional load frame rigidity. With the advanced digital control, load accuracy has been dramatically enhanced and should be better than 0.1% of the displayed reading within the operating range of 0.2% to 100% of the frame capacity, however, system accuracy is governed by relevant ASTM and ISO standards.

Control of SL machines is via a range of user interface options, including Bluetooth wireless, tethered interface, or a virtual interface running on a connected PC. Tinius Olsen’s Horizon software can be added to any system for accessing a library of standardized test routines, for generating a complete graphical result of a test, and for performing sophisticated powerful analyses on the test data to produce test reports. Horizon is networkable and scalable so operators can manage equipment and review test results from multiple sources and locations.

A variety of standard capacities ensure accommodation of a range of testing needs. Models include: the 150SL (150 kN/15,000 kgf/30,000 lbf); the 300SL (300 kN/30,000 kgf/60,000 lbf); the 600SL (600 kN/60,000 kgf/120,000 lbf); the 1000SL (1000 kN/100,000 kgf/200,000 lbf); the 1500SL (1500 kN/150,000 kgf/300,000 lbf); the 2000SL (2000 kN/200,000 kgf/400,000 lbf); and the high capacity/special purpose 3000SL (3000 kN/300,000 kgf/600,000 lbf). For rapid sequence production testing within the range of 150 to 1,000 kN (30,000 to 200,000 lbf), Tinius Olsen offers SL versions with open-front crossheads and/or fixed position crossheads.

The SL series is also highly customizable for many other applications. For instance, columns and screws can be lengthened and crossheads can be made adjustable to meet specific requirements. Tinius Olsen’s extensive range of grip designs ensures careful matching to application. Other options include hydraulically actuated lever grips, accordion-type, non-metallic screw covers, tooling for tension, compression, and other tests, a broad range of instrumentation, and furnaces.

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