OGP® (Optical Gaging Products) offers enhanced measurement capability with its Feather Probe™ micro-metrology sensor.

Feather Probe is one of the many specialized sensors available in the OGP multisensor toolbox. This tactile probe uses resonance as its trigger mode. Feather Probe tips can be as minimal as 100 microns in diameter, and exhibit trigger forces well below 1 milligram. These characteristics make Feather Probe perfect for measuring extremely small features, as well as fragile or easily-deformed features. Typically protected behind a cover when not in use, Feather Probe styli can be automatically deployed into the measurement area whenever needed, and retracted out of the way when not in use.

One significant enhancement to Feather Probe is Dynamic Resonance Mode. With Dynamic Resonance, the controller constantly monitors probe resonance to detect potential environmental effects such as temperature, air motion, and vibration. With such tiny probes and miniscule probe forces, these external factors can have an adverse effect on measurement accuracy. When such a resonance-altering effect is detected, the controller dynamically adjusts Feather Probe resonance to eliminate the external influences.

Feather Probe is also equipped with an improved deployment mechanism. This deployment mechanism, which moves the probe into and out of the measurement area, now seats securely into a robust kinematic mounting system, ensuring improved measurement repeatability.

Feather Probe is compatible with QVI ZONE3®, MeasureMind® 3D MultiSensor and VMS metrology software platforms. ZONE3, QVI’s premium CAD-based 3D metrology software, features a clear, simple user interface, and its kinematic model simulates the machine, part, fixtures, and measuring sensor, updated in real time. Built-in productivity maximizing tools, integrated GD&T functionality, and visual validation of measurement intent offer speed and power to the measurement process. ZONE3 supports simultaneous use of multiple sensors, making appropriate tools available for complex measurement tasks. ZONE3 represents the state-of-the-art in 3D metrology software.

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