Optical Gaging Products (OGP®), a division of Quality Vision International (QVI®), introduced its RP1500 Rainbow Probe optical measurement sensor to the metrology marketplace.

Innovative OGP Rainbow Probe technology provides high resolution non-contact measurement by analyzing the optical spectrum of reflected light to measure surface height changes. Rainbow Probe can measure where other sensors cannot, easily characterizing transparent, translucent, fragile, liquid or easily deformable surfaces. A range of probes are available, each with a unique measuring range, working distance, axial resolution, accuracy, and spot size.

The newest OGP Rainbow Probe, the RP1500, offers many measurement advantages. Its generous 32 mm working distance combined with an axial resolution of 40 nanometers make it the probe of choice for many measurement applications. The RP1500 probe barrel is relatively small and is deployable under program control, making it easy to combine with other measurement sensors on a single metrology system.

The RP1500 is compatible with QVI ZONE3®, MeasureMind® 3D MultiSensor and VMS metrology software platforms. ZONE3, QVI’s premium CAD-based 3D metrology software, features a clear, simple user interface, and its kinematic model simulates the machine, part, fixtures, and measuring sensor, updated in real time. Built-in productivity maximizing tools, integrated GD&T functionality, and visual validation of measurement intent offer speed and power to the measurement process. Visual representation of the Rainbow Probe scan is provided by plots of color surface maps and deviation whiskers. ZONE3 supports simultaneous use of multiple sensors, making appropriate tools available for complex measurement tasks.

Optical Gaging Products (OGP)