Fowler High Precision and Sylvac SA announced a transformative measuring solution to its existing optical scan machines with the addition of a SP25 3D contact scanning Probe.

“Sylvac has a well-established range of optical Scan machines for shaft measurement, offering impressively fast and accurate measurements for a plethora of applications for many different market sectors, running on our renowned easy to use Reflex-Scan software.  This exciting addition of a 3D contact scanning probe, opens new solutions for our customers, offering measurements not possible with only optical technology such as, blind holes, slots and form. We are excited to start this new era of 3D multi-sensor Scan machines and look forward to solving customer applications around the world”, said Duain Brisco, Global Sales Manager at Sylvac SA.

Tony Diiorio, National Sales Manager at Fowler stated, “I am incredibly excited about the new Sylvac Scan S145 Optical Measuring System now fitted with an optional SP25 scanning probe. Its expanded measuring range and ability to measure previously unmeasurable features like blind bores, keyways, distances, runouts, and more are game changers. This innovation brings a new level of precision and functionality, ensuring our customers receive more reliable data and achieve greater throughput than ever before."

Fowler High Precision