Eddyfi announces the release of Lyft® version 1.2 and Lyft Pro, and the launch of its new improved line of pulsed eddy current (PEC) probes.

Version 1.2 of the Lyft software refines existing features in a number of ways. The compensated wall thickness (CWT) tool is nearly twice as precise compared to the previous version 1.1 and it can now be used on a wider range of defect types and shapes. Lyft 1.2 brings improved performances on small defects and the ability to size corrosion near massive metal objects/geometries such as flanges by actively compensating for their electromagnetic contribution, resulting in better flaw sizing and im-proved versatility.

Other improvements include:

  • Twice better noise immunity
  • Twice faster SmartPULSE™ (in certain cases)
  • New elbow geometry in software enables full CUI inspection workflow
  • Faster setup thanks to pipe schedules
  • Support for new extended range of probes—maximum wall thickness of 102 mm/4 in (up from 64 mm/2.5 in) and maximum liftoff of 305 mm/12 in (up from 203 mm/8 in)

Simultaneously, Eddyfi announces the launch of Lyft Pro, a desktop software for in-depth Lyft data analysis. Available at no charge to all Lyft users subscribing to a software and service plan, Lyft Pro features the same graphical user interface as the embedded Lyft software, which enables analysts to be up-and-running in next to no time, while benefiting from larger displays and data layouts. Lyft units can therefore be out in the field acquiring data while analysts are working to extract valuable information from the data and generating reports.

Along with these major software improvements come new sleeker PEC probes and their accessories.