LONDON — Element Materials Technology and Exova Group Limited joined forces to create one global testing services partner, with the integration program to bring the two businesses and their people together now well underway.

The expanded Element Group will operate under the leadership of president and CEO, Charles Noall, alongside a newly-formed executive team which blends testing expertise and experience from both Element and Exova. The existing Element Board will continue to review the overall performance of the business and also to determine group-wide strategies and priorities. This experienced leadership group will lead Element’s global community in the delivery of the company’s growth objectives.

Noall said, “As I focus on building relationships with our new Exova colleagues, visiting the laboratories to personally meet the teams, I have been overwhelmed by the positive reaction from all areas of the business.

"Our people have hit the ground running and are fully informed about the many opportunities this alliance is set to bring to our customers as we transition in the coming months into a fully integrated business. With our many shared values and strengths, we will continue to deliver the certainty of Element through operational, technical and commercial excellence to what is now more than 40,000 customers worldwide.” 

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