LONDON Element Materials Technology purchased TRaC Global in a deal that represents Element’s largest single acquisition to date. In March 2015, Element announced that it had entered into a binding share purchase agreement with Bioquell PLC to purchase TRaC.

The purchase expands Element’s arospace footprint in Europe with the addition of six UK laboratories and capabilities in EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), vibration and environmental simulation, safety, radio, telecoms, explosive atmosphere testing (ATEX), finite element analysis (FEA) and early stage qualification (ESQ). The deal adds 30 EMC testing chambers to the Element Group, including a heavy vehicle semi-anechoic chamber (HVSAC) with an 18m x 14m working volume and capacity for 70 ton floor loading, which is one of only three in the UK.

Element’s continued investment in its aerospace product qualification testing (PQT) offering ensures that it remains uniquely positioned to deliver on both the PQT and materials testing (MT) requirements of aerospace primes and their supply chain partners.

TRaC is the second major addition to the Element platform in aerospace product qualification testing in the first quarter of 2015, having acquired Minneapolis-based Environ Laboratories in January.

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