PLYMOUTH, MI — RedViking announced the creation of a new business unit, Manufacturing Quality Systems (MQS) based at the company headquarters in the Greater Detroit area, effective January 1, 2018.

The three key product offerings are dimensional gaging, leak testing, and component assembly validation which are incorporated within customer’s new or existing production and assembly lines. The formal announcement was made by RedViking President Randy Brodzik. 

“We have been providing part validation, and gaging systems to our customer’s for nearly 25 years working within the automotive, off-highway and aerospace markets," said RedViking Vice President of MQS Greg Cameron. "RedViking started by providing tier 1 automotive exhaust manufacturers with gaging, leak test, and validation equipment comprising of bar code traceability, pin stamping, torque guns, banding install, shield detection and dimensional measurement.  Over the years, RedViking has evolved in providing similar systems to other customers with products such as Drive shafts, Prop shafts and half shafts and today we’re integrating technologies to verify and validate assembly processes.

“All MQS solutions will be MES Ready using our new Argonaut software. In the industry, there is more requirement to store part data and create a traceability profile of every part that is being manufactured by our customers. Working In conjunction with our Argonaut MES group, we can now can integrate all the data into a central location either onsite or externally in a hosted Cloud. ”

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