Being based on a common technological platform, all Skyline Scanners share the same technical characteristics of scanning speed, performances, strength, reliability and ergonomics. Due to their complete integration to Kreon Ace measuring arm, Skyline scanners set a high-performance portable 3D solution fully suited to the multiplicity of works environments and to the diversity of parts to be controlled.

Equipped with a blue laser, all Skyline scanners offer an optimal accuracy, even on shiny or reflective parts. Owing to the temperature compensation, all of them can be used immediately without any pre-heating, and maintain a constant accuracy.

The three are accurate, however, Skyline EYES stands out from the range by its 25 μm resolution and its 9 μm accuracy. Skyline 3D scanners are fast due to a large laser line width, which allows for the decrease of the scan passes’ number on the part. Their frequency performs faster movements, while their high acquisition speed quickly gets dense point cloud. Besides, the ergonomic “push and pull” handle provides fabulous scanning efficiency and enables an effortless work.

Given its 200mm laser line width and 600,000 points/sec acquisition speed, Skyline WIDE is the fastest of the range. It is wide-awake to scan large surfaces at high speed.

Choosing Skyline 3D scanners also means saving time and money. Their characteristics and features help to increase productivity. It is possible to scan longer without effort owing to the 3D scanner lightness (weight under than 400 g). Reaching and scanning hard-to-access zones of the most complex parts becomes easy thanks to compactness. Furthermore Skyline scanners are quickly removable without any tool to accelerate the probe mounting and thus the contact and non-contact measurements.

Skyline 3D scanners are price competitive and ensure a quick return on investments. Skyline OPEN is the most accessible in the Skyline range.


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