Emergent Vision Technologies launched The Accel Series, 25GigE Line Scan cameras. The EVT Accel Series by Emergent Vision Technologies is the first ever to utilize the 25GigE interface standard. This standard supersedes the data transmission speed of its predecessor 10GigE by 2.5 times and offers twenty-five-fold increase over the cross industry standard GigE interface. The EVT Accel Series 25GigE Line Scan cameras are also GenICam and GigEVision compliant.  

The Accel LB-8K series line scan camera uses the  25GigE Vision interface. The LB-8K series turns to be a first-rate choice for precision, low-noise line scan imaging, by employing the E2V 8K Sensor. At an 8K horizontal resolution the sensor provides single line rates of 200KHz, bilinear line rates of 100KHz and trilinear line rates of 66KHz respectively. The Accel LB-8K instituting 8K sensor also supports multi-line scan possibilities by offering enhanced scanning control of each line. 

Without the need for fiber converters or repeaters, The EVT Accel Series will utilize fiber cabling and low cost SFP28 transceivers from 1 meters to 10 kilometers.

By Q3 2018, The first 25GigE Line Scan Accel Cameras are set to go into full production.

Emergent Vision Technologies