The Merkur camera series combines a line scan camera with a smart camera and makes it a high-speed system for the inspection of endless material, printing material, paper web and steel band, in the printing industry and textile production.

The Merkur ZLS has a FPGA and an IP Core to program the FPGA. The Dual Core ARM processor can also be extended with the Myriad 2 Deep Learning processor. This offers the possibility to solve particularly fast Deep Learning applications such as surface inspection. The camera has Power over Ethernet (PoE) as well as M12 connectors and protection class IP67 with a maximum resolution of 2 x 2048 pixel.

The Merkur line scan camera is used when products must be inspected as they pass by on conveyor belts — at times at extremely fast speeds. Typical industries include printing, sorting and packaging, food and beverage, and all kinds of surface inspection applications.

As no additional PC is necessary the Merkur is easily integrated into a machine and a cost effective alternative to the usual industrial line scan camera.

Additionally the camera is supported by the EyeVision software and can therefore use the full command set of the drag-and-drop software. The combination of Merkur line scan camera and EyeVision software is available as EyeCheck ZLS.

Eye Vision Technology (EVT)