Carestream Non-Destructive Testing introduces the new wireless HPX-DR high resolution digital DR detector that provides higher resolution, heavy duty shielding, optimum portability and improved workflow for use in many NDT mobile and lab inspection applications.

This next-generation of DR detector features a 139 micron pixel pitch, wireless capability and a heavy-duty IP57 enclosure making it better suited for mobile NDT work. It excels in a lab environment where it can be run in a tethered configuration for rapid data transfer. Long life lithium batteries provide up to several hundred images per charge and with the optional three-battery charger pack and hot swap feature, crews can keep working as long as needed without rebooting.

The HPX-DR and Carestream’s new Industrex NDT imaging software were designed by customer ‘obsessed’ designers and engineers! The team spent over a year doing field work, VOC sessions and site trials to optimize the product.  NDT


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