SAKOR Technologies Inc. announced major updates to its manufacturing facilities. The investments will enable the company to build and test much larger systems and provide a range of new testing services. The first project slated is a large dual dynamometer system (420 kilowatt each) for testing transmissions and transfer cases for small or medium-sized trucks for a major auto components supplier.

SAKOR’s 20,000 square foot facility, located in Owosso, MI, has the perfect layout and capacity for building and testing dynamometer systems, but previously lacked the electrical power to test larger systems that require high current capacity. By increasing the building’s power capacity, SAKOR can now test systems up to and exceeding 10 megawatts at full power on its own floor.

The increased electrical capacity will also enable SAKOR to add testing services for a range of customers in the hybrid-electrical vehicle, renewable energy, and military markets. SAKOR will also partner with companies conducting testing that want to make use of its capacities for building and testing larger systems. In addition, SAKOR can also serve as a home for testing equipment for customers who lack space in their own test facilities.

Other significant facility improvements include upgrading of all the lighting in the production, testing, and office areas with energy-efficient LED fixtures, reducing monthly electric bills by approximately 60 percent. SAKOR also replaced its existing parking lot with a brand new concrete parking area, improving the aesthetics and functionality of the overall facility.

“We are excited about the improvements to our facility and look forward to enhancing and expanding our testing capabilities” said Randal Beattie, president of SAKOR.

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