Eddyfi Technologies announced the latest release of M2M Capture. Natively embedded on both M2M Gekko and M2M Mantis PAUT flaw detectors, Capture v2.3 offers new advanced features and dedicated tools to improve the user experience and speed up NDT inspection. Released twice a year, Capture software is an evolutive platform combining state-of-the art technologies and highly intuitive interface to answer new market challenges.

On this latest upgrade, M2M introduces significant improvements required by customers. New applicative setups and tools now facilitate the corrosion mapping and composite inspection, and a complete set of analysis tools for TOFD inspections is available. Capture v2.3 offers unparalleled possibilities with the new fast Total Focusing Method mode, now 3.5 times faster while maintaining maximum resolution; or with the new calibration wizards for curved wedges (AOD/COD) for long seam inspection.

Capture is one of the key successes of the PAUT flaw detector Gekko and Mantis. Capture offers field operators a smart interface allowing a great ease of use of standard (PE, TOFD, PA) and ad-vanced techniques such as TFM. TFM is a highly advanced PAUT techniques over the last decade, that allows better flaw detection as well as easier defect characterization.

Eddyfi Technologies