Building on the previous model, the U41 brings 14 times the data resolution, performs data ac-quisition 10 times faster and the ability to inspect coating twice as thick as before. These benefits promise to deliver increased revenues and a quick return on investment for our customers.

According to Dr. Michael Smith, Technical Director of TSC, the system has been complete rede-signed with new electronics, which delivers the highest resolution for ACFM data the industry has seen. New features include the ability to connect three probes simultaneously, which avoids fre-quent returns to the surface, a diver array probe which reduces the number of scans and allows for faster recognition and characterization of defects. Probe configuration files are now stored on the probe itself instead of on a remote PC, ensuring that the correct setup is used. Umbilical reel is dramatically reduced in size, weighing one third less and taking one third less space.

As today’s industry is looking to scale the use of auditable NDT methods to all their assets, fast-er, more reliable, easier to deploy inspections and better reporting capabilities are required. For an improved customer experience, the TSC U41 is supported by a global network of calibration and training centers, located in Milton Keynes (UK), Québec (Canada), Houston (USA) and Dubai (UAE).

ACFM technique has been successfully deployed for the inspection of structural node welds on jackets, for caisson inspection, to assess pipeline damage, to inspect spudcans or welded plate struc-tures, among others.

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