With three new models incorporating the latest 2nd Generation Sony IMX sensors the camera manufacturer Allied Vision expands its robust high-resolution camera family Prosilica GT for demanding applications. Equipped with a robust, heat dissipation optimized housing and various lens mount options, Prosilica GT cameras are constructed to cope with harsh environments, extreme temperature variations (up to −20 C to +50 degrees Celsius (housing)), and constantly changing light conditions.

The new Prosilica GT Large Format cameras with Sony PregiusTM CMOS sensors leverage high-resolution imaging systems to the next-level. With resolutions up to 31.4 MP at varied aspect ratios, versatile high-definition imaging applications can be addressed with demanding requirements on robustness and design-in flexibility. A TFL-Mount for high resolution large format sensors is available as an option. This compact, robust, and reliable mounting option supports sensors up to APS-C sensor size and offers the same back focal length as the C-Mount.

The 31.4 megapixel Prosilica GT6400 is equipped with the IMX342 Type APS-C format CMOS sensor from Sony. The 4:3 aspect ratio and 6480 × 4860 pixels resolution make this camera particularly suitable for a wide range of applications including industrial inspection, medical and life sciences, and outdoor imaging. With the new rugged M35 TFL lens mount option specified by the JIIA, it is possible to build more compact and robust systems.

The 16.8 megapixel Prosilica GT5400 incorporates the IMX387 Type 4/3 format CMOS sensor. The 16:9 aspect ratio and 5472 × 3084 pixels resolution is perfect for outdoor applications including railway inspection, aerial imaging, traffic and transportation, surveillance, and defense. The 19.6 megapixel Prosilica GT4400 incorporates the IMX367 Type 4/3 format CMOS sensor. The 1:1 aspect ratio and 4432 × 4436 pixels resolution is ideal for industrial and life sciences microscopy, in addition to other computer vision applications.

A new C-Mount option is now available for the GT5400 and GT4400. This new lens mount option provides more flexibility in selecting the optimal lens for the application.

The new CMOS models offer several advantages over existing high-resolution CCD cameras, including high quantum efficiency, dynamic range, and spatial resolution as well as lower readout noise resulting in outstanding imaging performance. They are the perfect successors for comparable Prosilica GT cameras with discontinued ON Semi KAI CCD Sensors.

The cameras offer a comprehensive feature set including Power over Ethernet, IEEE 1588 PTP, and Trigger over Ethernet (ToE) via Action Commands enabling a single-cable solution for reduced infrastructure costs.

Allied Vision