In the age of digitalization, manufacturers in their quest to maintain the highest quality possible seek the most advanced, flexible, and valuable metrology technique available to reinforce their brand image and product quality. The global dimensional metrology market is witnessing steady growth, with end-users focused on enhancing productivity and reducing operational expenditure.

Dimensional metrology equipment has evolved tremendously over the last decade with the advancements in technology. End users want to minimize manufacturing errors and improve product quality to stay competitive. Accuracy is vital in the automotive, aerospace, and medical device verticals: even a minor defect could have fatal consequences.

Automotive companies are the main users of dimensional metrology equipment because of the intense inspections that are required.

Recent automation trends in manufacturing facilities have boosted the demand for dimensional metrology devices, particularly coordinate measuring machines and optical digital scanners, as these systems offer a high degree of accuracy, flexibility, high-precision measurement, and size. Furthermore, companies have started to leverage artificial intelligence, augmented reality, cloud computing, and Big Data analytics. Cognitive manufacturing includes natural language processing, artificial intelligence, speech recognition, machine learning, and machine vision. Top metrology vendors including ZEISS Group, Hexagon, and Nikon are trying to penetrate into the robotic guidance market by enhancing their machine vision systems.

The radar report reveals the market positioning of companies in an industry using their Growth and Innovation scores as highlighted in the methodology. The document presents competitive profiles on each of the companies in the Radar based on their strengths, opportunities, and a small discussion on their positioning. The author analyzes hundreds of companies in the industry and benchmarks them across 10 criteria on the Radar, where the leading companies in the industry are then positioned. Industry leaders on both the Growth and Innovation indices are recognized as best practice recipients.

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