LMI Corporation of Fenton, MI, has entered into an agreement to acquire Origin Technologies Corporation of Madison, AL. For over 15 years, LMI and Origin have worked together in a distributor relationship and this move now brings both companies together. Officially combining the LMI precision measurement systems with Origin handheld and on‐line LaserGauge line of products means that both measurement solutions are together as one.

For over 30 years, the LMI Corporation has been a global leader in providing robust precision measurement systems that are used in many industries including automotive, aerospace, commercial goods, and agriculture. Since 1994, Origin Technologies has become a global leader in providing innovative laser‐based profiling products that measure features such as height, depth, gap, flush, length, angle, and radius of curvature with both portable and on‐line measurement systems. The flexible platform allows the products to be used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, manufacturing and even food processing.

“The merger of Origin Technologies Corporation into the LMI Corporation creates a single entity that will offer customers a wider range of the off‐the‐shelf and custom measurement and inspection systems, all from one source. Combining the capabilities of the LaserGauge technology with LMI’s innovative approach to customer requirements will allow us to offer unique solutions to measurement problems,” said Brad Powell, president of Origin Technologies.

Said Brian Green, president of LMI Corporation: “It is a great day when two companies such as the LMI Corporation and Origin Technologies Corporation can get together as one. Combining both our technologies is a win for our customers and stakeholders. The future is very exciting with the possibilities of what we can achieve together as one company for our customers.”

For more information, visit www.lmicorporation.com.