Instron launched Bluehill® Central, a networked lab management solution for Bluehill Universal software. Bluehill Central allows lab managers to remotely manage all test systems running Bluehill Universal, regardless of the number of systems or their location in the world.

The new Bluehill Central software uses a single database to manage Instron systems and data at the enterprise level, simplifying the lab management process. This platform uses a single database to allow lab managers to remotely manage a wide range of tasks across all the frames on their network, including all Bluehill Universal users and permissions, test method templates, results, file revision approvals, and audit trail data.

Bluehill Central is built around the concept of teams, which are groups of users that share common files and settings. An individual operator’s permissions and access to files and approved test methods are defined by their team, giving labs the flexibility to support different workflows and settings depending on who is using the test frame.

The Traceability module in Bluehill Central gives lab managers top-down control over test method changes, requests, and test results, simplifying approvals and compliance while preventing accidental use of unapproved test methods. Activity from all connected test systems is automatically captured in a secure and searchable audit trail, offering a convenient way to review who did what, when, and why. This can speed up the audit process and better control risk along the way.

Test results from a network of connected test frames can also be set up to automatically upload to a central repository, allowing all test results to be analyzed using the TrendTracker module in Bluehill Central. This module permits users to quickly search and analyze data, making it easier to identify and remediate inconsistencies.