American Society for Quality (ASQ) has endorsed "Quality 4.0" which is a term that references the future of quality and within the context of Industry 4.0 digital transformation. Quality professionals can play a vital role in leading their organizations to apply proven quality disciplines to new, digital, and disruptive technologies. This effort was initiated in September 2020. Question: Where can quality professionals find information on Quality 4.0 activities concerning exponential growth of disruptive technologies and the changes those technologies are bringing to the workplace, the workforce, and the markets?

Answered by ASQ:

The American Society for Quality (ASQ) and Quality Magazine are two valuable sources that can provide you with information on Quality 4.0 activities. Recommend you search on the internet for articles in ASQ magazine “Quality Progress” as well as “Quality Magazine”.

Furthermore “YouTube” has over 10 videos on Quality 4.0 activities, go to and search for Quality 4.0. One video is “Implications of Quality 4.0 for the Future of the Quality Profession” by PIQC Institute of Quality, October 18, 2021, by Dr. Gregory H. Watson, EUR. Ing.

Some articles you may wish to explore are: Ben Tomic, “Inspection in Quality 4.0”, Quality Magazine, July 2020, Kal Yang, “Hyper Linked, How an ecosystem including the Internet of Things (IoT) will change product innovation and quality”, Quality Progress, August 2020, American Society of Quality (ASQ) and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Quality 4.0 Study, 2018, World Economic Forum in “The Future of Jobs Report 2018”, Dan Jacob, Practice director and Principal Analyst, Quality 4.0 Impact and Strategy Handbook. Getting digitally connected to transform quality management, LNS Research, Sony, M, Anthony, J and Douglas, JA (2020) Essential ingredients for the Implementation of Quality 4.0: A narrative review of literature and future directions for research. The TQM Journal. ISSN space 1754 - 2731, Carl Drechsel, “The Sisyphean Task of engaging in Quality 4.0 Activities” Quality Magazine May 2021. Deloitte Sponsor for Harvard Business Review “How Leaders are Navigating the Fourth Industrial Revolution” March 26, 2019.

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