Evident, a new wholly owned subsidiary of Olympus comprised of its former Life Science and Industrial divisions, released new objectives for OEM integrators and Olympus industrial microscopes that combine a high numerical aperture and long working distance, providing exceptional flexibility in various inspection applications.

Objective lenses are crucial to a microscope’s performance. New MXPLFLN series objectives are manufactured using novel lens polishing technology, so more lenses can fit in each objective housing. This enables users to view high-resolution, high-magnification images at 20X and 50X while maintaining a 3 mm working distance. When inspecting three-dimensional objects—like circuit boards or semiconductor wafers—there is less chance of the objective hitting the sample and causing damage. Four objectives are available in this series: brightfield 20X and 50X and brightfield/darkfield 20X and 50X.

Integrators can choose from a variety of objective and tube lens combinations to simplify their system requirements. For added speed and flexibility, a new 2.5X brightfield/darkfield objective has been added to the popular MPLFLN series. Complementing the objectives, Evident’s lineup of OEM tube lenses has been expanded. Each has different transmittance and other characteristics to accommodate a variety of applications.

Directional darkfield—also called MIX illumination—is a unique observation method that enables users to combine darkfield with brightfield, simple polarized light or fluorescence observation at the same time. The newly released type 2 MIX slider that enables directional darkfield has a removable filter, expanding the variety of lighting colors.

For more information, visit www.EvidentScientific.com.