Statistical process control (SPC) helps organizations monitor and control quality. It enables manufacturers to boost efficiency, minimize waste, and detect problems early. Quality and process monitoring is key to efficiency in manufacturing.

Some experts also refer to SPC as the use of control charts and capability analysis, which are key to efficiency in the manufacturing industry.

Statistical process control makes quality analysis and improvement easy. A typical program should come packaged as one comprehensive solution, with real-time monitoring and alerts.

The monitoring takes place across multiple data sources in real-time, which makes immediate alerts possible. These alerts enable leaders to take quick action when problems arise, which ultimately saves both time and money — and reduces waste such as scrap, rework, and under-performing machinery. In the long run, this boosts ROI.

This immediate process feedback doesn’t go to just anyone. A robust SPC solution ensures that the alerts are automatic but also customized and useful. They can be tailored to ping pertinent individuals and teams via email or text, for example.

In addition to alerts, another key function of a helpful, cloud-based SPC solution are its control charts and dashboards. These should be automatically updated for optimized reporting and insight sharing, so operators, supervisors, engineers — you name it —can be assigned access permissions. This way, the right people can collect data, monitor machines, identify issues, and review performance when needed in every step in the process.

Speaking of data, a modern SPC solution is flexible in how it intercepts information. The right solution should collect data automatically, semi-automatically, or manually. The regular collection of relevant data is then monitored in real-time.

Lastly, a supportive SPC solution should help companies to perform root cause analysis on their processes — to use statistical analysis to gain key insights. Over time, such insights will help manufacturers to add value and enhance their processes.