CAPTURE 3D, a ZEISS company and the leading provider of innovative 3D digitizing solutions in the U.S., is hosting the CAPTURE 3D Innovation Conference & Expo October 3-5, 2023, at the ZEISS Quality Excellence Center in Wixom, Michigan. Typically a biennial event, this year’s conference is the first in four years and brings together a community passionate about digital transformation within product development, quality control, manufacturing and production. With expert presentations, training and breakout sessions that focus on solving industry-specific challenges with advanced 3D metrology technologies, in addition to a reception and dinner event, the CAPTURE 3D Innovation Conference & Expo is both an educational experience and networking event.

Event highlights include:

    Guest speakers: Hear from industry-leading companies using advanced 3D metrology technologies to drive success now.

    Training courses: Sharpen digital engineering skills with easy-to-use techniques to measure and analyze faster and more accurately.

    Breakout sessions: Workshops on topics for managers and engineers to strengthen strategy and abilities.

    3D Expo with the latest technology and software: See technology demonstrations and hear about current and upcoming innovations from the developers and engineers creating them.

    Networking opportunities: Collaborate with a community of like-minded professionals who share similar goals and challenges.

The conference features live presentations from guest speakers leading the way in product development, quality control, manufacturing, and production. Attendees will learn how these companies apply 3D metrology technology to modernize processes and overcome challenges. Each presentation shares insights from real-world experiences, detailing success stories on topics critical to modern manufacturers, such as implementing automation successfully and strengthening digital transformation by establishing a single source of truth with accurate data. Presentations will also dive into how accurate data from advanced 3D metrology solutions reduce rework, waste, and unnecessary costs to achieve greater sustainability through lean manufacturing. Past conference speakers include Rolls-Royce, General Atomics, NASA, the Department of Defense, Honda, General Motors, Made in Space, and metrology experts from CAPTURE 3D and Carl Zeiss GOM Metrology.

Training and breakout sessions are designed to help attendees succeed in their work by applying 3D metrology trends and best practices. Each session is taught by a CAPTURE 3D or Carl ZEISS GOM Metrology expert. Topics include GOM Software training, metrology trends and automation strategies for managers, new automotive and aerospace metrology techniques for engineers, Virtual Measuring Room (VMR) automated digitalization and dimensional analysis for engineers and more. Attendees will leave understanding how to increase process repeatability, throughput, and productivity with automation strategies that increase profits and deliver a competitive advantage. They will also understand how to leverage intelligent data visualization to make better decisions faster.

At the 3D Expo, attendees will experience live technology demonstrations of the latest 3D measurement technologies, including innovations that will be launched at the event. Technology on display includes blue light 3D scanners, handheld laser scanners, automated metrology solutions and connecting software. Attendees will also tour the state-of-the-art ZEISS Quality Excellence Center, exhibiting the full array of high-tech 3D metrology solutions the ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions portfolio offers.

The event also includes a welcome reception and an offsite dinner networking event, among other networking opportunities. Repeat attendees look forward to this highly popular event to gain knowledge, skills, and relationships that help them thrive in modern manufacturing.

“Our purpose is to change the way people experience measurement by developing innovative technology so our customers can succeed. Our technology brings together people from different backgrounds to create a community of thinkers and achievers. Most importantly, our community cares about the future of manufacturing, and we challenge the status quo to see beyond toward a better and more sustainable future for the generations that follow. We’re excited to celebrate this community at the ninth CAPTURE 3D Innovation Conference & Expo,” said CAPTURE 3D General Manager Richard White.

Early Adopter rates are available now through Friday, June 16, 2023. Guests can purchase an all-access ticket or tickets to training sessions or the conference separately. While prices vary, CAPTURE 3D customers are eligible for free admission for a limited time. For more information or to register, visit