Verisurf Software, Inc., announces its 2024 software release providing new productivity workflows, powerful tools, enhanced functions, and expanded sensor and device compatibility, all designed to better connect metrology and manufacturing for global success. This new release is now available for download directly from the Verisurf Website, where all new and existing customers with current maintenance agreements can access it. With the release of Verisurf 2024, the Company continues its commitment to user-friendliness, stability, flexibility, and intelligent workflows, enhancing efficiency, quality, and throughput while keeping pace with emerging technologies and growing industry requirements. 

Verisurf 2024 includes nearly one hundred new productivity workflows, enhancements, and additions. The software empowers users with a universal solution that supports all 3D metrology applications, complemented with expert technical support, training services, and application consulting for seamless integration, optimal process improvement, and better resource utilization.

The new Verisurf 2024 release has many new productivity tools, workflows, feature enhancements, and expanded sensor and device compatibilities; here are a few highlights: 

    New RPS (Reference Point System) Alignment accelerates part alignment with precise control, seamlessly connecting measured points to the referenced nominals. RPS Alignment is crucial to complying with alignment strategies often required by the automotive industry.

    New Measure Filters provide real-time outlier removal from tactile scan data, including removal of start and end points, distance, waviness, UPR (Undulations Per Revolution), and Sigma.

    New Extract to Plan is a simple one-button solution to extract geometric features and surface profiles within scanned data. Users can select All Features, Selected Features, or Features Defined by MBD (Model Based Definition) and automatically extract and add the features and surface profiles along with associated GD&T reference data to an Inspection Plan. 

    Enhanced Global Register provides quick and robust registrations and refinements of multiple datasets, including Cloud to Cloud, Cloud to Mesh, Mesh to Mesh, Cloud to CAD, and Mesh to CAD.

    Enhanced 3D Mesh Controls support the generation of high-quality Meshes from Clouds, including registration refinements, smoothing, and more.

    New Auto Align Controls enable greater flexibility and power, including alignment to targets in any order, use of gravity plane, and constraining to the highest datum surface target value to comply with industry standards.

    Verisurf 2024 has integrated two additional sensors for the REVO® 5-Axis Multi-Sensor System. The SFP2 (Surface Finish Solution) and RUP1 (REVO Ultrasonic Probe). Verisurf currently supports the RSP2, RSP3, SFP2, and RUP1 REVO 5-Axis Sensors.