FRAMOS announced the release of FSM:GO – a comprehensive series of deployable optical sensor modules enabling machines to see and think.  

FSM:GO offers a curated selection of pre-selected sensors paired with optimally focused lenses to deliver superior Off-The-Shelf image quality. This latest innovation from FRAMOS represents a significant step forward in simplifying the embedded vision development process, making it both cost-effective and time efficient.  

Suitable for a broad spectrum of applications, FSM:GO is deployable across many industries including sports and security, as well as enhance the capabilities of conferencing cameras, drones, smart traffic systems, industrial automation, surveying, mapping, and logistics.  

FSM:GO is not only a versatile prototyping tool but also stands ready for immediate deployment in mass production. Its introduction signifies FRAMOS's dedication to alleviating the challenges of developing and manufacturing optical sensor modules, enabling clients to concentrate on device design and software development.  

Each FSM:GO module is accompanied by a complete suite of necessary hardware components, software drivers, ISP tuning packages and extensive documentation, ensuring seamless integration with prominent platforms such as NVIDIA’s® Jetson™ and NXP i.MX8MP. This compatibility harnesses the power of leading embedded processing platforms to maximize performance. 

The integrated FRAMOS PixelMate™ connector, offering an array of connection options such as MicroCoax, FFC, and GMSL, ensures engineers have the adaptability to select the ideal cabling based on system specifications or application demands.  

FSM:GO comes initially in three variants, featuring the latest Sony Starvis2 color image sensors with 2MP (IMX662), 8MP (IMX678), or 12MP (IMX676), each with a suite of lens options — from narrow to fisheye. These configurations adapt to multiple fields of view, diverse lighting situations, and varying working ranges, making the modules versatile for a wide array of applications.